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Leicester de Montfort


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last Wednesday monthly 7.30-8.00pm

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College Court, Knighton Road, Leicester LE2 3UF

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Leicester de Montfort 500

To Boldly Go where no Man Goes (Hinckley)

Stardate Wednesday 30th October 2015 

Members of 41 Club beamed down to the car park of a Hinckley apartment block to engage in what I have to say is one of the strangest things I've done with Table/41 Club. 

Fumbling with the keys in the dim light summonsed by a push and run corridor light switch, and eventually opening the door, Captain Mamujee ushered us onto the bridge of the USS Enterprise. Blinking lights, illuminated intricate layouts of the starship, a swivelling control panel with phaser recharge panels, and ahead of us the transporter room. Impossible to resist standing and hoping to be broken down into an energy wave and reconstituted elsewhere. Even the incongruity of a sink (no cooker) and a 20th/21st flushing WC couldn't break the charm of this. What kind of nutter creates something like this? No further questions are recommended.

Afterwards the assemblage travelled by earth vehicles to Meridian Space park where we eventually ate Mexican-ish rations. 

A Good evening Mr Mamujee. To be commended. Live long and prosper.

41 Club National - October Newsletter

The October Newsletter is now available for downloading. 

Features in this issue include:

41 Club Charity Calendar 2016 Now Available

Early bird discount for BIRMINGHAM AGM for 41 Club National

Entries required for National Photographic Competition 2016

Terry's Travels (Nat President)

Note also Andrew Johnson of Lutterworth's '40 Year On' piece


LDM Table 500 Events in 60th Charter Year

  • Leicester De Montfort 500's 60th Winter Ball at Leicester Grand Mercure on Saturday 21st November. The best night out of the year - BE THERE!
  • Christmas Float season - Rudolph hopes to be all ready by December! If not, Santa WILL be stood outside ASDA Fosse Park with a bucket and a stereo...!

The Orient Express - Waterloo to Siddenham

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