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Queen Elizabeth 11

ITCH Challenge 2022

Isis Area 41 Club are this years victors of the ITCH Challenge. On a warm night a fiercly fought Jenga match was won by the men which went on into darkness! 

Everyone enjoyed an excellent barbecue cooked by Mike at Mike & Diane's beautiful house in South Leigh.

Head Chef Mike

The tension mounts as Bob decides what to do!

And they all came tumbling down!

In the absence of the Chairman and a missing Trophy (!)- Vice-Chairman Martin presents an 'alternative trophy' to Isis Tangent Chairman Diane.

Frank Becomes Life Honorary Member of Isis.

National President Jim Conway presents Isis Area 41 Club's new Life H9onorary Member - Frank Venables.

The follwonjg article was in the May 2022 National Newsletter.:


In March, as Secretary of Isis Area 41 Club, I received the resignation of Frank Venables as a member of the Club. This was due to travelling difficulties and his health. Franks history in the Round Table Movement is outstanding and myself and former Past National President - Mike Fitchett, felt that we should ensure we kept Frank involved somehow, and that we should recognise his achievements in some way. Life Honorary Membership of our club was proposed at our AGM which received wholehearted support from the club.

So how to present the jewel? Who should do it? Should it be the Chairman? Should it be the National Councillor? All I knew was it needed to be ‘special’. So what the hell, I rang the National President and asked if he was passing by. Could he divert this way and do this sometime? Before I knew it – it was happening in three days time!

Frank was told that my wife Maria and I were popping around for coffee and to see how he was, little did he know we would be accompanied by a few others including the National President. We sat in their garden, and Jim presented the jewel along with a banner, his pin badge, and a signed copy of his President’s Joke Book. Jim got Frank to sign his copy of Continued Friendship that Frank had written in 2015. It was an excellent moment.

So now to Frank…..

Frank joined Round Table in Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire and then moved to the Netherlands with his career in Technical Defence Consultancy. He joined Wassenaar Telefonde No 51 in The Hague becoming secretary to a weekend European and Mediterranean Rally in 1978. Once becoming 40, he formed Wasseneaar 40+ Club and joined a group of 41 Clubs that had evolved from its partners in the European No 51 group of Round Tables.

Once leaving the Netherlands he joined Wickford 41 Club in Essex, and then having moved to Oxfordshire joined Faringdon 41 Club. Frank was a key player in the annual Faringdon Fireworks Evening that raised many thousands of pounds for charity

There was then an interlude when he worked in France where he joined Bourges 41 Club No. 152. He was Club President for two years and later External Relations Officer in the Regional Bureau for four years. Amongst others, he attended four of the French Associations AGM’s and two international AGM’s when in France.

On returning to England he re-joined Faringdon 41 Club and then Isis Area and Mumbles 41 Clubs.

He has retained his links abroad and during his five-year spell as National Councillor for Region 20 he was a member of the International Committee responsible for Club Twinnings.

In 2015 – in the Associations 70th year Frank wrote a book called ‘Friendship Continued – 41 Club at Seventy’, which was published to commemorate the anniversary. As an accomplished author Frank gave his time free of charge to produce this excellent book.

It could be said that Frank epitomises everything that is good about 41 Club. In fact, Frank has gone more than that ‘extra mile’ to give loyal, unstinting and exemplary service to our Association both in GB&I and Internationally. This was recognised nationally when in 2016 he was awarded the Association Award. Trruly an amazing career in the Round Table Family.

Isis Area 41 Club sincerely thank Jim for going out of his way to meet Frank and present the jewel on a sunny, but windy, day in his garden. We know Frank was most flattered to be visited by the National President. Thankyou too, to Frank’s wife Jane for keeping the visit secret and supplying us with lots of coffee and delicious biscuits! This was a great morning and Frank is truly a real legend!

Martin Green

More New Members!

Two more new members of Isis were inducted by Jeff at the AGM. 

Left to right:Stuart Kirkwood, Jeff Peyton-Bruhl, Matt Fincham

Details of the Next Meeting

Date:Tuesday 11th October 2022
Event:Business Meeting
Location:Fleur-de Lys - East Hagbourne
Bob Fitchett

Latest 41Club Magazine

To read the latest 41 Club Magazine featuring Frank Venables  

Club Information for Isis Area 41 Club

Name:The Isis Area 41 Club
Affiliated:26th May 1994
Feeder Table:All members of RTBI Area 50
Chairman:Dave Chard
Vice Chairman: Martin Green
Secretary:Martin Green
Treasurer:Robert Patterson
Meets at:Various locations around the Region
Next Meeting:Tuesday 11th October 2022

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