Welcome to Exeter 41Club micro site. 

Another year has passed and with it brings new officers to serve the club.

I have the honour of being Chair for the current year having served my time in other roles which have enhanced my appreciation of the Club and what it takes  to make it a successful one.

We have 40 members and our Programme Officer keeps us royally entertained  with a variety of events as you will see from our programme. We maintain close  links to Exeter 123 Round Table which includes a number of events of a  competitive nature throughout the year. In addition we are pleased to offer our  support to them for their fund raising events and in particular the Fireworks  event and Christmas Float collections.

If you fancy joining us for any of our forthcoming events drop me an email  and I will pleased to send you an invite.

Yours in continued friendship.

Nick Baxter-Sibley

Chairman Exeter 41 Club

Chairman's Newsletter


Marion and I are looking forward to seeing you for Chairmens Brunch on the 4th June.

Hopefully we will be treated...