1. With the Government announcement that considerably eases Lockdown from next week, the COVID 19 content of the website ( Help, Jokes, Cartoons ) has now been resumed and we will revert to normal content. Thanks to everyone who contributed so much excellent and amusing ideas.

2. RNLI - From John Carpenter

Thank you to the 28 members who managed to join our Zoom meeting yesterday and hope that those who didn’t are all well. I only received one potential apology, so it would be good to catch up with those who I didn’t hear from. Do let me know how you are coping and how things are going.

Whilst the speaker experienced some difficulties because he could see but not hear us, he was able to give us an interesting talk, which generated thoughtful questions. It was also interesting to see Neil operating from inside Nettie’s wardrobe!!

If I can remind you that, if you have not already done so, but wish to make a donation to RNLI, please transfer it to 41 Club account by 30th June 2020, by BACS or cheque to Alan. Alternatively, I have attached a donation form for you to complete and send a cheque direct to RNLI should you prefer this.

3. Fundraising - on the yet to be confirmed assumption that we will be Fundraising this Christmas, David Rushmer has asked for nominations for Charities we might support this year. Remember these must be SMALL (ie not NHS), LOCAL to Surrey Heath, and for whom our donation makes a material and tangible contribution to their ability to offer their services to local people. 

4. All future meetings by Zoom will commence at 7:45pm 

Our next 2 meetings by Zoom will be as follows:

Monday 13th July 2020 – John Devlin’s Quiz

Monday 27th July – Paul Sloane’s Talk on the Entebbe Raid

Monday 24th August – Watch this space.

ZOOM Meeting Monday 22nd June

We had an excellent speaker, David Richmond-Coggan who gave a compelling presentation about the creation and history of the RNLI. His evocative and nostalgic slides showed the development of Lifeboats from rowing, to sailing, to steam driven to the most modern self righting water jet driven beauties of today. The RNLI needs £180m per year to provide its many services, but with lockdown, their fundraising has been seriously impacted, meaning they only have 8.5 months worth of reserves. Contributions via Alan Chapman through the 41 Club Account, or directly would be most welcome. Here is a screenshot of the avid watchers. 


Last night, 1st June, the great 41 Club debate on Zoom, produced the shock result of the Year. A record attendance of 30 Zoomers, including guests Peter McBride (Chairman Region 24) and Graham Roberts, listened intently as the two sides battled the Question as to Whether we Should Rebuild Hadrian's Wall, or not. The Proposers, Chris Bamford, Harry Fish and Howard Ford, were cogent, factual, logical, generous and sympathetic. The Opposers, Jim Burns, Peter Groves and Eddy Hodges, were combative, rude, fanciful, ungrateful and unintelligible. There could only be one result. Surely the Proposers would win by a landslide. But never trust the Polls. When the vote was taken the Opposers were given 17 votes (possibly - the count was a shambles), the Proposers only 13 votes. Whilst certain people voting against the motion, like Burns, and McBride, met expectations, genetic tests are to be carried out on several members who may have joined Camberley 41 Club under false pretences.

Seriously, many thanks to the 6 Debaters for their great effort and entertainment. You were all excellent. Mike Franzkowiak wants to loudly Thank John Carpenter for managing the ZOOMERY, and especially

John Bradford for organising, promoting and fronting this terrific evening. 

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