Provisional Programme 2022 - 2023

Final Details may be amended nearer the date

Old Boys at Twickers

Here we were in the England Dressing Room at Twickers. This England team for this year's 6 Nations look like they have some great experience but might be lacking some youthful speed.

Thanks to John Devlin for organising a great day out for 14 of us. What an enthralling experience to be treated to the full tour of Twickenham Stadium. We were quickly steeped in the fascinating history of the Stadium, the England Rugby team, World Cups and all things Rugby. As well as the changing rooms we visited Bars, Conditioning Rooms, Conference facilities, the Shop and the excellent Museum of Rugby. The highlight was to sit in the Royal Box and absorb the magnificent view from there of the pitch and stadium. This is how it looked.

Leading Out theTeams 

​The Lavender Hill Mob - Richmond Theatre


Announcing Trip to Farnborough Wind Tunnels Thursday 20th October


Hi chaps, I have arranged for a Tour of the Famous...

Tour of Twickenham Stadium

John Devlin has managed to organise a guided tour of the Stadium at 13:30 on Tuesday 20th September. The guide is a fellow 41er from...

Meeting 22nd August

At the last meeting of 41 Club at Camberley Heath Golf Club on 22nd August, our excellent speaker was Tim Bean, a Senior Lecturer at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Tim's talk was entitled 'The Battle of the Atlantic; the German Victory that could never be’.

We enjoyed an extremely fascinating insight into the realities of the U-Boat campaign in the North Atlantic in the 2nd WW. Many myths were exploded by Tim, and he held our attention for at least 50 minutes which is testament to the power and professionalism of his presentation.

A 'record' Attendance of 39 Members and Guests proved that our Club is alive and well and continuing to provide great food and speakers and the ever present Fellowship which we all greatly enjoy.

Meeting 25th July - An Experiment

You wanted to try the odd 41 Club Dinner Meeting with a different Venue and format. 

So, on 25th July we met at Camberley Rugby Club and enjoyed an excellent and authentic Curry provided by Sanjha's Restaurant. Choice of 4 starters, 4 curries and all the trimmings. Attending we had 19 Camberley 41 Club members, 11 Guests of 41 Club, 4 Chelsea Pensioners (see the photo), and 5 Sandhurst and Yateley 41 Club members, so a lively group who intermingled and socialised with gusto. The beer is cheaper at the Rugby Club, altho' we served ourselves from the buffet and cleared away our own plates. We had two speakers, John Byett, the RFU Citing Officer, and Phil Burgess who with the England Rugby Sevens team won a silver medal at the Rio Olympics. Their presentations and the Q+A gave us a hugely interesting insight into all things rugby and a unique exposee of the physical and mental preparation and training required of a world class athlete. 

So a Great Success. Grateful thanks to Mike Franzkowiak, John Carpenter and Alan Chapman for the herculean efforts to ensure the evening was a triumph.

Camberley 41 Club AGM 2022


On the evening of 26th April, Camberley 41 Club held it's AGM. An Historic occasion as a new OPEN Club, with a Golden Opportunity to Re-Invent and Rejuvenate ourselves. Read on below.

Mike Mawtus was elected to be our Chairman for the coming year. He gave the following Opening Address.

I can’t say that I entered the election because no-one else offered their services. In truth I am very pleased and motivated to be your Chairman, in what will be a defining year for our Club. We are now an OPEN CLUB where all members are full members, past history in Round Table is irrelevant and we can freely invite like-minded friends to join us. For over 25 years, I have been fully committed in recruiting new members who were not ex Round-Tabler’s and doing everything possible to welcome them to our group. Many have enjoyed great success as Chairmen, Councillors and Fund Raisers. Had we not done so, Camberley 41 Club would today have only 21 members, not 39, and we would be heading rapidly to extinction. We may have had to dis-associate ourselves from National. Remember that without a National 41 Club, local 41 Clubs would never have existed as an Association. National gives us our ability to exist. It also gives us a positive and respected brand image to enable our Fundraising and Community Support Programmes. For those who want to participate it provides a wide range of Communications, Events to attend, Forums to join and Discounts to be enjoyed. I am glad to say that now every member of Camberley 41 Club can fully and freely access all these benefits. So, what are the Plans for 2022 and beyond. My Number 1 priority after the constraints of the Covid years, is to re-establish our Club as vibrant, inclusive, numerically stable, friendly and of course enjoyable. Our programme needs to be varied, relevant and interesting to ourselves and potential new members.

The key will be Participation.

Lockdown inevitably curtailed much of what we do and it fell to a few members of Council to hold it together as best they could. It’s now time to refresh Council with new members and ideas, and to involve many more members in organising Fundraising, Activities, Meetings, Socials and Speakers. I am very grateful to Howard Ford, Chris Bamford, and Mike Franzkowiak for volunteering to serve as leaders of Committees of members to plan and deliver an exciting new agenda of activities. Howard and his team will find Speakers of Quality and Interest. Chris Bamford and his team will set out a plan for Fundraising and Community Support with some new variations. Mike Franzkowiak and his team will be responsible for our 12 monthly meetings on the last Monday of the month. I have asked them to run some meetings at Camberley Heath with traditional dinner and Speaker, or dinner with alternative activities. But also, to find some new and different venues with suitable food and content. Maintaining the old, whilst experimenting with the new is the objective. If we don’t try new things we will never know! John Devlin will continue to arrange Social Events for us all to enjoy, with or without partners. Still on the subject of Participation, it is very important that we encourage every member to attend as many events as possible, and to facilitate attendance of those with caring duties or infirmities by reaching out and offering transport both ways. John Devlin has volunteered to co-ordinate this activity. Contact him if you can assist. 

My Number 2 priority is to maintain our number of Members at no less than 40, and to carefully and cautiously increase this number by 4-5 if possible. We need to keep our critical mass but we also need to preserve the essence of our Club. To avoid mistakes of the past, all new members will have to be approved by existing members and every effort will be made to ensure they feel welcomed and valued and we reach out to make new friendships with them. Fellowship is what its all about

So, in conclusion I am looking forward to a year of busy progress, new activities, total inclusiveness, much enjoyment, fellowship and mutual support. 

Thank You .....Mike

To view the List of Officers and Committee Members, view in Pages Section.

Proud of 41 Club

Very proud to report that Camberley 41 Club demonstrated once again this Christmas, that we are an immensely positive, thriving Club, that allows no obstacles to diminish our sense of Community responsibility. Despite having no member under the age of 68, and several in their eighties, a number in the vulnerable category, and some with limited mobility, we summoned enough of our team to take our Santa Float out into the community on five days of the past two weeks. This despite concerns and restrictions imposed by the pandemic. At the Supermarkets literally thousands of people saw our float, proudly branded as 41 Club, heard the carols playing and stopped to chat to Santa and his helpers. A huge number of Children saw us at the shops and at the Theatre as they went to see the Panto. What joy for them. There was Santa chatting to them and miraculously he knew their names because we linked mobiles as microphones to the I-Pods in Santa's ear. If their parents had no change we simply used our contactless readers to take their donations.

So, many people entertained, the good name of 41 Club spread far and wide, social media buzzing as our Facebook site had over 2000 views and the local on-line media reporting with praise for our efforts. To top it all, almost £5000 was collected and donated to a local charity called Besom, to provide food, clothing, and support to local people in need. Well Done Us!

Even a local Councillor sent their praises, as follows.

This looked like a great initiative and it sounds like it was very successful.

Whilst it is a sad indictment of our socially constructed system that charity contributions (financial and volunteers' time) is increasingly not just a nice addition but absolutely essential in these times, it does show the true community spirit that so many of our residents uphold. This is something we should be proud of.

Well done to everyone who was involved! Please pass on my best wishes to all volunteers.

with thanks and best wishes,


Sharon Galliford

Councillor Windlesham Parish Council Lightwater Ward