Iron Duke or Old Nosey?

On Monday 24th January at our41 Club Meeting, hopefully the last ever on Zoom, Paul Vickers gave us an enthralling talk on the life and career of the Duke of Wellington. Was he the

Iron Duke or Old Nosey? Was he the greatest ever British General, was he superior to Napoleon? The popular image of the Duke of Wellington is that of the Iron Duke, a stern patrician whose steely determination on the battlefield was matched by his hard attitude to his men. Paul demonstrated conclusively that this was the case. But this epithet came in his later years, to the soldiers he was “Old Nosey”, the commander who may not have been loved but who never lost, and was much revered by the soldiers who served him. Paul did an excellent job in analysing the character of Wellington, how this changed over his long lifetime, and how his character affected his command on the battlefield and his later career in the highest levels of public life as Prime Minister and subsequently Leader of the Opposition.

22 people attended the meeting of whom 5 were very welcome guests.

BESOM Cheque Presentation 19th January

Yesterday, Mike Franzkowiak and David Rushmer, presented our cheque for £5068.42 to Karen and Grace, the stalwart organisers of BESOM.

The extraordinary work they do collecting food and household materials to provide to folk in need in Surrey Heath, is truly deserving of our fundraising efforts.

Their letter of appreciation can be read below. Well done to all the 41 Clubbers who contributed their time and effort to our collections.

On behalf of all the trustees I would like to thank you and all the 41 Club members, firstly that you chose us for your Christmas Charity Collection and secondly for the resultant very generous cheque of £5,068.42.

I can assure you that this will be of great benefit to many people in our local community who suffer from the effects of poverty. Especially during these difficult times, the pandemic has had a an additional impact with so many experiencing the loss of income and at the same time the increase in living costs especially from energy bills.

Yours Sincerely

Karen M Kendall

Chair of Trustees

Proud of 41 Club

Very proud to report that Camberley 41 Club demonstrated once again this Christmas, that we are an immensely positive, thriving Club, that allows no obstacles to diminish our sense of Community responsibility. Despite having no member under the age of 68, and several in their eighties, a number in the vulnerable category, and some with limited mobility, we summoned enough of our team to take our Santa Float out into the community on five days of the past two weeks. This despite concerns and restrictions imposed by the pandemic. At the Supermarkets literally thousands of people saw our float, proudly branded as 41 Club, heard the carols playing and stopped to chat to Santa and his helpers. A huge number of Children saw us at the shops and at the Theatre as they went to see the Panto. What joy for them. There was Santa chatting to them and miraculously he knew their names because we linked mobiles as microphones to the I-Pods in Santa's ear. If their parents had no change we simply used our contactless readers to take their donations.

So, many people entertained, the good name of 41 Club spread far and wide, social media buzzing as our Facebook site had over 2000 views and the local on-line media reporting with praise for our efforts. To top it all, almost £5000 was collected and donated to a local charity called Besom, to provide food, clothing, and support to local people in need. Well Done Us!

Even a local Councillor sent their praises, as follows.

This looked like a great initiative and it sounds like it was very successful.

Whilst it is a sad indictment of our socially constructed system that charity contributions (financial and volunteers' time) is increasingly not just a nice addition but absolutely essential in these times, it does show the true community spirit that so many of our residents uphold. This is something we should be proud of.

Well done to everyone who was involved! Please pass on my best wishes to all volunteers.

with thanks and best wishes,


Sharon Galliford

Councillor Windlesham Parish Council Lightwater Ward

Photos of BESOM Cheque presentation



Richmond Theatre Trip 3.3.2022


John Devlin writes...Hi everyone, on a no...


Conference 2022 will be held in Cardiff between 31.3.2022 and 3.4.2022. For info CLICK...


Our Dinner and Speaker meeting on Monday 22nd November 2021, was a triumph in every respect. A good turnout of 26 members and guests, were treated to an excellent, gargantuan meal. The Pork and Apricot Terrine was definitely both tasty and hearty. Enough per person to feed the whole England Front Row. The Venison Cottage Pie to follow was delicious, and also fulsome. We were served by the delightful Katy and Sienna, who brought back memories of when we were young, rather than wistful.

The Speaker, Chris Truran, may just have been the best ever, certainly Top 3. He was Witty, Lucid and Extremely knowledgeable. The attendees could certainly become CSI's immediately. His talk on the development and use of Fingerprints and DNA in Police Investigations and victim identification was a fascination.

This was a perfect example of how we would all like our 41 Club Dinner Meetings to be. Applause and Congratulations to John Bradford. 

Trip To Brookwood

John Devlin arranged our first 41 Club social event for a very long time. We missed them. The visit to Brookwood Cemetery on 24th September was blessed with perfect weather, a good enthusiastic turn out and a hugely interesting guide to the history of Brookwood. An enchanting place. John will organise another trip for those who missed out this time. The lunch that followed at The Cricketers in Pirbright Village was equally excellent with great food and a perfect ambience for the occasion. Well Done John from all who attended.

JOINT DINNER MEETING - Stanley Holloway Monologues

Our meeting on Monday 25th October 2021 was a joint meeting with partners and Tangent.

Jonathon Jones (ex-Town Crier for Farnham) explored the history and background to the Comic Monologues as personified by Stanley Holloway, and performed several of his most favourite and well-known Monologues, including  'Albert & The Lion' and 'Sam, Sam, Pickup Tha' Musket'. Mike Mawtus, our professional Yorkshireman said that the performance was excellent but he had not previously known that the Yorkshire accent was a combination of Estuary English, Welsh and a bit of Scots for flavour.

As is obvious from the photograph, the 40 of us who attended, certainly enjoyed their evening. Well done John Bradford