Steve James


The Immediate Past President

Steve James

2024 - 2025

It was an honour to be the 77th President of our great Association. I am really proud of what we have achieved in the last 12 months and that is a credit to having a great Board and National Council who’s key interests lay in making sure that our Association grows from strength to strength and adapts with the times to ensure that we are relevant to our members and prospective members.
To summarise our achievements:
We have launched a new website,
We have delivered on 39 of the 67 actions in our strategy and action plan with the remaining actions being delivered this year,
We have successfully established XRT clubs aimed at retiring Tablers and younger 41ers
We undertook the biggest club survey to date with which was completed by 35% of our clubs representing 35% of all clubs.
We have a new insurance policy providing greater cover for club activities and increased public liability insurance
We have increased the discounts available to our members and our fellowship weekends go from strength to strength with many selling out within a matter of days.
On the Community Service side, we teamed up with Ocado depots in Andover and Bristol for their Christmas purge. This year was Ocado’s biggest Christmas purge with both Andover and Bristol depots having zero waste, which is truly amazing.
In the summer, we welcomed the first YAP tour to GB&I where 12 young adults from India and various European countries descended on a two-week tour covering London, the North West, the Midlands, Wales and Berkshire.

Engagement, openness and transparency were key personal themes of my year. It is only by listening and talking to members that we get a better view of what is happening at “grass roots” level and in order for members to be better informed about what is happening at a national level it is key that we inform everyone of key discussions and decisions. As well as attending the various functions and National events I was able to visit just under 30% of our clubs and regularly informed every member on key business matters.

My Presidential charity for the year was Prostate Cancer and Prostate Cymru. I am so grateful for every individual and club who have donated and whilst monies are coming in the total amount raised at the AGM was over £66,000 which is fantastic.

If you are unable to contact the a board member for any reason - please contact our Administration Team at Marchesi House. Tel: 0121 456 4402 or Email: They will do their best to help or pass your query onto someone who can.

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