That Old Chestnut!!!

Chestnut Festival in Merano, Italy.

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For 40 years, 41 Club Merano in the South Tyrol have been hosting a weekend for 41 Club members and their partners to come along to the Chestnut Festival and this year is no exception. 41ers from all over the world come along to join in the festivities organised by 41 Club Merano so
why not join in?

What do you need for the weekend?

  • Comfortable clothing and hiking shoes.
  • The ability to eat tasty spareribs, sausages and of course chestnuts and drink wine.
  • Your mobile phone in case you need to a flashlight or to phone for a taxi.
  • A quiet day after the festival to recover from eating chestnuts and drinking beautiful South Tyrolean wine.


On the Saturday night, walk with 41 Club friends to a farmhouse which will host you for the evening, enjoying the wonderful Autumn scenery on the way. Then relax and enjoy friendship and quality food and wine as you experience a South Tyrol tradition going back Centuries.

Check the PDF Flyer for more details and book in with Randolph Riedlinger of 41 Club Merano (Tel. +39 335 63 99 010 E-mail: and come along to Merano.


Thursday, 7 November 2024:

  • Pre-Tour
  • Arrival to the Hotel Anatol by 17:00 hours
  • Depart at 18.30 to a mountain restaurant with magic views

Friday, 8 November 2024:

  • Departure from Hotel Anatol at 09.30 hours
  • Visit of the brewery Forst with surprises
  • Lunch in the restaurant of the brewery


  • From 17.00 hours Registration in the Hotel Anatol
  • From 19.00 hours Get Together in the Hotel Anatol with an “italian evening” with dance

Saturday 9 November 2024:

  • From 10.00 hours easy autumn walk
  • From 12.00 hours lunch
  • From 18.30 hours drive to the Brandis cellar in Lana for the Chestnut Festival

Sunday 10 November 2024

  • Departure for your home


Hotel Anatol,


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Randolph Riedlinger

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+39 335 63 99 010

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Booking Open

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Check the event PDF Flyer for more information and pricing.


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