Book Of Remembrances

Dick Stanley - Past National Conference Officer - 2010 - 2012



It was with deep sadness that we heard that our friend and fellow Malvern Hills 41 Club member Dick, died on Thursday November 7th, and we send our sincere condolences to his wife Mo and his family.

The last two years had been difficult for Dick in his battle against Alzheimer’s but we will remember him for his contribution to the fun and fellowship in our club over the last 7 years.

I am particularly pleased that he managed to attend our AGM in April and he much enjoyed our visit to Madresfield Court on June 26th which many of you will remember.

Dick was the epitome of a true Round Tabler, always able to “Adopt, Adapt and Improve”, and always willing to accept a challenge and take on responsibility. He was a “doer”.

He was born in Worcestershire and attended Worcester Royal Grammar School. His subsequent career with the Nationwide Building Society took him all over the country and it was whilst he was in Christchurch that he found his love for Round Table. He was a member of Christchurch R.T. 1980-1986. He moved seamlessly into Christchurch 41 Club, becoming Chairman in 2000/01. His interest in “National” was kindled when he was Registration Officer for the 2005 National Conference in Bournemouth.

On retirement from the Nationwide, Dick and Mo moved to Herefordshire where he soon became a member of Hereford 41 Club and was Chairman in 2007-08. Having been a successful Registration Officer in Bournemouth he was soon invited to be National Councillor for our Region 21, which he successfully managed for three years 2007-2010.

Not content with just a Region job, he undertook the task of Registration Officer for 41 International Conference 2009 in Cheltenham when John Bellwood was 41 International President.

In 2010 he was voted onto the 41 Club National Executive as Conference Officer and served for 2 years organising several conferences and National Council meetings, before the post was withdrawn and combined with the Sales Officer into the Fellowship Officer post in 2012. This effectively made Dick the last National Conference Officer. Having deciding to “hang up his boots” he retired to Malvern and finished his 41 Club days with our club.

In addition to being a regular attender at our meetings and partaking in many walks with the walking group, Dick’s greatest contribution, and his legacy to our club, was his introduction of the monthly bulletin which continues very successfully today. Thank you, Dick, for everything you did for us.

Dick, we will miss your contribution to the good fellowship which we enjoy in our club, particularly your sense of humour and your good nature. When one considers your active participation in 41 Club over many years, I feel sure there will be a job awaiting you above.

May you rest in Peace.