Honorary Webmaster - Mark House

Communication is the lifeblood of all successful organisations and in the 21st century communication is both instant and widely available.

The Association of Ex-Round Table Clubs (41 Club) has a proud history going back over 70 years and Round Table 90 years.  Over that period we have been very proud of what we have achieved for the community, charities and self-development; that history is recorded in the club magazines. The magazine remains as our history but the day to day communication is now handled by the internet, both in the form of the monthly on-line newsletter and the club website.

The newsletter is distributed to every member who has provided an email address and keeps the members up-to-date with current events, club benefits and future activities.

The website is even more up-to-date with current events and presents an opportunity for all clubs and members to advertise their future events, results of recent activities and plans for the future.  Every club can submit items for displaying on the website and, if it is suitable,  I will do my best to ensure that it is on the site within 24 hours of receiving the item.  A photograph is worth a thousand words but please we do not want photographs of just rows of men in dinner jackets, men eating (or drinking) or presentations of big cheques.  Instead, we want photos of activities, of travel, of work for the community or fellowship with other 41ers, Tablers, Tangent members or Circlers.  The website is our window to the world and we want others to see what we do.

The website is also a source of club information and resources.  There is a diary of future national, regional and club events to which you can submit your events. There are also sections on club rules, downloadable club logos, council minutes, National AGM details and much much more, which can answer many of your questions.

Please use the website, it is yours and you can even have your own club mini-website for free linked to the main website.

The future of club communications is in your hands .... please use it to enhance your and your club's future.