Honorary Solicitor


I’m Paul Cammiss and have been the Honorary Solicitor of the Association since 2004. I had previously served on the National Council for 11 years from 1992 including 5 years as National Secretary and serving as National President in 2002/3 which gave me a close insight into the workings of the Association.

I had previously at the end of my Table days spent 2 years on the Round Table National Executive and was National Secretary of Round Table in 1989/90 when Gareth George was National President of RTBI finishing at the Round Table AGM in Brighton in 1990.

As the Association Honorary Solicitor I am available to advise the National Board and the National Council on the rules and procedural issues for the AGM and National Council meetings and particularly to run my eye over propositions on the order papers to try to avoid confusion or unconstitutional issues arising. Some years this is more onerous than others depending on how controversial the Agenda items are.

I also review the contracts entered into by the National Board e.g for booking the venues for future National Conferences and the facilities and services made available for the Board by RTBI for administration at Marchesi House and for National Sales.

I am also occasionally asked to advise individual Clubs on legal issues that arise within the Club. This is something I am always pleased to do and often leads to friendly telephone calls and chats with club members. Over the years I have given advice on such varied issues as the Disability Discrimination Act, data protection, club members bringing the local club into disrepute, insurance issues particularly on the organisation of events and liabilities for individual club members for club debts.

If you have problems within your club feel free to give me a ring (01440 704778) or drop me an email (paulcammiss@aol.com). I will be pleased to try to assist and even if I cannot give a definitive answer

I may be able to point you in the right direction. Apparently “Honorary” means that I can’t charge!