Region 20


I am now in my second year, and have visited a number of clubs, and hope to do more visiting this year.. I am the same age as our wonderful organisation. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in your home clubs. I hope that very many of you will join with your fellow 41 Clubbers for fun and fellowship at the the two Regional events

Region 20 consists of 33 Clubs spread around the Thames Valley down to Windsor and Eton. The Northern edge runs from Banbury to Buckingham, the Western from Witney to Hungerford, and the Southern from Basingstoke to Ascot.

Every year we stage two regional events: a Golf Day in June, and an 'Oxford College Dinner' in November. I believe that National President Barry Durman will be at both events. In the past, there have also been Inter-Club Knockout competitions, Quiz Nights and Discussion Fora. It would be good to re-establish these sorts of club get-togethers. Such events bring clubs together, the more the merrier, but they can only work by individuals stepping forward and using their talents and experience to help running the region.

 In September 2016  Our Round Table Area are hosts to The National Sporting Week-end at Brookes University, Oxford. They would appreciate our help.The manpower for this will be coordinated by Andy Bennett of Bicester 41 Club, I ask if you can help then please contact     

As your National Councillor I am here to help you and your club at any time; please do not hesitate to contact me for help or assistance.

I would be delighted to take the opportunity to be at a meeting of your Club or to attend a function and I would be grateful if you could let me know of any upcoming social events/meetings/dinners that you have planned.

You can contact me for help or advice on:

Derek Knowlden