Region 2


41 Club Regions 1 & 2 cover the whole of Scotland with Region 2 comprising clubs whose feeder Round Tables existed within Areas 39, 44, 49 & 51; although some of the central Scotland (as was Round Table Area 51) clubs in the west form part of Region 1. Historically the Joint Scottish Areas were strong and had common events and to this day a Joint Scottish Regions Golf Day takes place in August. In the last few years we have been privileged to play over the Rosemount Course at Blairgowrie.

Where the opportunity or appetite exists other Regional or Scottish events periodically occur, although typically these take the form of anniversary or Charter dinners, where 41 Clubs seek visitors from near and far to maintain old friendships and foster new ones. Many Burns Suppers provide further opportunity for fellowship.

I represent Region 2 on the National Council and will take your views to that body as well as acting as a point of contact for any help, advice, or simply to act as a speaker for one of your meetings. I have sought to visit all the clubs in the Region to get to know their members and ensure all recognise the worth of membership.

Periodic requests for club programmes, and seeking invitations to visit clubs will continue and I remain committed to supporting clubs to develop and thrive, whilst mindful not to exercise over-direction. If you need any help, let me know.

Ken Donald