National Vice-President - Phill Ellis

Hello, the role of Vice-President over the years has been more concentrated on supporting the President. Whilst this is very important, I see this role as secondary to the main job of Forward Planning.

I would like to look at the Purposes and Objects of 41 Club:

To continue to promote opportunities for fellowship amongst former members of Round Table.

To encourage active involvement in the Community.

To use our experience in support of the Round Table Family.

To encourage international relationships.

I do not see the need to change any of these, but I would like to see if the administration roles on the Board do reflect how we promote these values. So, I will be looking at how we, as the Governance of the Association, perform in the following areas: Fellowship, Community, Supporting Round Table and International. Of course, these values go right through 41 Club and it would be right to hear from you, how your own club or region is performing in these areas as well. As this is the work load to be achieved. I will be calling into as many clubs, regional events and whatever you the membership wish me to do over the next year.

My greatest hope over the last 4 to 5 years has been to bring you all to my home city of Belfast and next April 2018 - I will succeed in that challenge, as the National Conference is coming to my City. I know the events will have limited availability in Belfast, so I urge you to book in asap. This will be the first time any of the four clubs has held a conference in Northern Ireland and I am so proud to bring you all for a bit of craic.

This is a great Association based on wonderful values and I hope that we can grow and develop into an even greater club by supporting Round Table better. After all, that is the future.

Our President Dave is a great friend and I am sure that together we can guide 41 Club to a more successful future.

I thank you for having the faith to elect me as your Vice-President, President elect for 2017-18. This is a great honour and one I have been greatly humbled by. I will deliver a bigger, brighter and fulfilled future for all in 41 Club, the Club of choice for Ex-Round Tablers.

Phillip Ellis