2016 3rd Quarter to 30th September

Treasurers Report to National Council Meeting at Shrigley, 29th September

Not a lot to report this time – the accounts are ticking away nicely.

I have prepared a cashflow forecast update. We are likely to exceed expectations, but this depends on the expenses claims for the remainder of the year, in particular how many crutches and walking sticks the President claims for.

Capitation receipts are up marginally on last years 3rd quarter.

IT spend should be under budget unless we have any catastrophes with the CAS system before the end of the year.

I am still awaiting the final accounts for the Birmingham AGM, so haven’t yet split the costs between the conference and the AGM itself. I am told there is a small surplus from the event to come back into the accounts.

Cash balances

At close of play on 30th September, our cash at bank stood at £143,839.01. Of this, £60,317.59 is held in a fixed term deposit which matures in July 2017.

Budget for 2018

I am unable to attend the Council meeting in Shrigley, where I would normally ask Board Members for their spending plans for 2018, so that I can produce a first stab at the budget for circulation to the full council before Christmas.

Instead, I have asked Manny to add an appropriate item to the Board Agenda.

Mark Fairchild