JOGLE - The Last Leg

President's Last Leg

OMG it's the end of my year as National President. It has been a complete honour and lots of fun. January to April has been packed with club visits, including some far afield - Jersey / Peterhead / Isle of Man / Guernsey / Dundee / Scarborough / North and South Wales / Kent / Dublin and the Isles of Scilly. I also sent President Dave Campbell to Stornaway in April, but he came back -lol.

I wish Dave all the best for his year – it’s a blast. I am sure he and Pauline will have great fun. I have found 41 Club in good heart up and down the country. Did you know that we have had 16 new clubs chartered over the last year!

We had 10 resolutions at the AGM and 10 guys stood for contested Board positions - it is good that we had so much interest, but it did mean that the AGM went on a bit. We actually finished within two minutes of the planned time at 15.28hrs I think. Hope you all liked my jacket!

I am still recovering from the accident I had at the end of my John O'Groats to Lands End (JOGLE) charity cycle ride with my friend Colin Bowater. We raised over £28,000. My target was £25,000. Thanks so much for your donations and good wishes. I finished the “Last Leg” from Bodmin on Saturday 1st April – no joke! Only 66 miles! Five cyclists accompanied me, including the National President of Ladies Circle, Alexandra Bennett. In all 30 Round Table Family members came down to Bodmin / Lands End to help me celebrate the completion of this epic ride - albeit a bit later than planned. 

The timetable was:

Day Date From To Miles
Thursday 14/07/2016 Home Ambleside
Friday 15/07/2016 Ambleside Golspie
Saturday 16/07/2016 John O'Groats Golspie 60
Sunday 17/07/2016 Golspie Inverness 120
Monday 18/07/2016 Inverness Dalwhinnie 175
Tuesday 19/07/2016 Dalwhinnie Perth 232
Wednesday 20/07/2016 Perth Cumbernauld 284
Thursday 21/07/2016 Cumbernauld Abington 326
Friday 22/07/2016 Abington Gretna Green 374
Saturday 23/07/2016 Gretna Green Kendal 432
Sunday 24/07/2016 Kendal Leyland 484
Monday 25/07/2016 Leyland Whitchurch 549
Tuesday 26/07/2016 Whitchurch Leominster 611
Wednesday 27/07/2016 Leominster Bristol Airport 691
Thursday 28/07/2016 Bristol Airport Crediton 761
Friday 29/07/2016 Crediton Bodmin 820
Saturday !! 01/04/2017 Bodmin Lands end 879

The route - Barry only got to Bodmin before his accident, but Colin made it all the way!


 The route through England