2016 1st Quarter Accounts

Attached you can find the first quarters I&E, along with my report to the National Council meeting in Birmingham.  As always, any questions let me know and I will do my best to answer them.

April 2016 National Council Treasurers Report

I have produced an I&E Account for the first quarter of the year, which can be found as a separate PDF on my web page. It should be viewed in conjunction with the notes below, which explain any variances or other items of interest.

As it is early in the year and this reports coincides with my work year end, I have not predicted a year end position yet, so the cashflow forecast remains the same. However, there are a couple of likely underspends I have mentioned below – I will update the forecast for the next meeting in June.

Notes to I&E

AGM / Conference costs – The split between these budgets will be finalised once I have the final conference accounts, and any surplus has been repaid. At the moment conference will break even.

President’s car – Barry Durman has managed to obtain a Hyundai for his year, which will save us approximately £3k

Insurance – Our premiums didn’t go up by as much as anticipated, this should be the final figure for the year.

Capitation – 3 months in and the capitation is almost exactly the same as last years at this stage.

Cash balances

At close of play today, our cash at bank stood at £163,726.87. Of this, £60,317.59 is held in a fixed term deposit which matures in July.

Mark Fairchild