National Vice President - Dave Campbell


I feel very privileged to have been elected as Vice-President of our great organisation. After many happy years of Tabling I moved on to 41 Club where I served as a Regional Councillor and then as your International Officer. Both positions gave me the opportunity to learn how 41 Club works both at home and abroad and has also enabled me to meet many members and form true friendships.

I am looking forward to working with (the one and only) Barry Durman and the rest of the Board and will be watching and learning this year. I am in contact with the incoming Vice Presidents from Tangent, Round Table and Ladies Circle and am looking forward to working with them too.

The National Conference in Birmingham was a great success and congratulations should go to the Birmingham Conference Team for all the work leading up to, and during the weekend and I know that the Blackpool Conference Committee are hard at work to ensure that Blackpool 2017 is a very special occasion too.

Invitations to attend meetings and events are starting to arrive and this page includes a Vice President Booking Form, so please do feel free to contact me.

It only remains for me to look forward to the coming year and the opportunity to meet many more 41'ers and members from across the 4 Club Family.

Yours in Continued Frendship.

Dave Campbell
National Vice-President 2016-2017