National Communications and IT Officer



First of all I would like to thank all members of 41 Club for giving me the opportunity to serve the Association in my new capacity of National Communications Officer. Thanks go in particular to my own clubs for supporting me: Leyland and Chorley Rural in Region 8, and the Dragons, Region 12.

This is an interesting, challenging and wide-reaching role in that we've reached a stage where communication, not only with our own members but also with members of the rest of the Round Table Family and with those that we would love to see join us, is crucial in ensuring that we remain a vibrant organisation. Some might argue that we need to become vibrant before we can remain so; I would argue that we already are vibrant but our clubs don't always shout about their successes anywhere near enough for anyone to find out about them, let alone take notice.

Let's put that right. Please, please do let me know what you're doing. Did you do something out of the ordinary for a Club meeting, such as visit an automobile assembly plant, race tanks or have a lesson in cookery (it doesn't have to be physically taxing...)? If so then please do let me know at Are you planning a celebration such as a milestone Charter Night or enjoying some fellowship with overseas friends? If so then please let me know at

We now have a website that can cope with much more content than we're giving it at the moment, a monthly newsletter goes out to all Club members who have given us their e-mail address and we send out three printed magazines every year. Recently we have also ventured into the realms of Social Media and it is this channel in particular that we need to exploit as much as possible in order to catch the attention of the new and potential members of 41 Club and show them that, in President Barry's words, "We do stuff".

We've had people say of the newsletter and magazine that they don't contain material of any interest to them. Would you rather see different content? You can do something about it by sending us some copy that you would like to see published! While we can't guarantee that everything sent in will end up in all of the publications, the team that I am heading will certainly consider everything that it sees.

"Team?", I hear you say...

We have a big job to do, certainly more than can be done by one man on his own. That Ray managed to do the job virtually singlehandedly for so long is a testament to his tenacity and dedication and I thank him for the work he has put in and for encouraging me to take over from him (I think!). With the new responsibilities that have been given to the Communications Officer by the membership at the 71st National AGM, not only are we managing communications for the Association but also the Association's IT infrastructure. It's all extra work, so I have some much needed helpers!

What I hope to bring to the table in my tenure as your National Communications and IT Officer is a new way to generate interest in the Association as a whole from our own members, who sometimes see no reason to look any further than their own Clubs, and also, crucially, from those who have recently left Round Table or who are going to leave Round Table within the next few years. I would also like to ensure that we can show an interest in what you're doing at local level. I would like to get the message across that some of our Clubs do hold active, outdoors meetings and are active in the Community, and where this isn't the case, the Association is flexible enough to let leaving Tablers form their own Club to cater to their specific needs and desires. In fact we actively encourage this.

We encourage this, but we'll never know about it or about anything that you do if you don't tell us about it!

Open discussion about 41 Club involving membership is a good thing. To that end we have an area of the website called "Ask Louis". We have also recently set up a Members-only forum on Facebook where various aspects of the Association can be discussed and opinions gathered. This forum has already generated some quality interventions from members that have been further discussed in Council meetings. The point is, you have a say in this Association because it's your Association!

Godwin Stewart
National Communications and IT Officer 2016-2019