National Communications and IT Officer - Godwin Stewart


Date joined Round Table: 2012

Local Round Table
From: To: Role: Table:
2012 2013 Treasurer Leyland 665
2012 2013 CSLO Leyland 665
2012 2013 Area delegate Leyland 665
Area Round Table
From: To: Role: Area:
2012 2013 Membership Officer Area 8 Lancs & Manx
2012 2013 Media/PR Area 8 Lancs & Manx
2012 2013 Internet Officer Area 8 Lancs & Manx

Date joined 41 Club: 2012 (Chorley Rural and Leyland), 2015 (Dragons and Woolton)

Local 41 Club
From: To: Role: Club:
2012 2013 Auditor Chorley Rural 41 Club
2014 date Secretary Chorley Rural 41 Club
2014 2015 Vice-Chairman Leyland 41 Club
2015 2016 Chairman Leyland 41 Club
2015 2017 National Liaison Officer Woolton 41 Club
2016 2017 Chairman Dragons 41 Club
National 41 Club
From: To: Role:
Sept. 2012 Sept. 2013 Caretaker National Councillor Region 8 Lancs & Manx
2013 2016 National Councillor Region 8 Lancs & Manx
2016 date National Communications and IT Officer
Marital status: Partnered (Tony)
Occupation (your principal job): Software developer
Any other interesting jobs: I've repaired marine navigation equipment and I've started and run the desktop publishing department of a professional photographic laboratory.
Employed, self-employed or retired? Employed full-time now but was self-employed from 2002 to 2010.
Hobbies (apart from 41 Club!): I've always been fascinated by languages. I'm bilingual English/French, I also speak reasonable German and have a good grounding in Dutch/Flemish. I've also learned a little Italian, Spanish, Russian and Japanese but nowhere near enough to hold a conversation! I used to translate semi-professionally, mainly for classical record labels based in Germany and Belgium. Interested in mobile phone technology.
Are you a member of any other service organisation e.g. Rotary, Lions etc. If so which? None as yet
Any other interesting information: I played bass guitar for approx. 20 years, starting and maintaining 2 bands when I was at secondary school. I lived in France from 1983 to 2007, in various places including Marseille and Chinon. My secondary school education happened over there, which is what enabled me to become fully English/French bilingual.