National Councillors' Liaison Officer


I am Phill Ellis, some of you may have met me some of you have not yet. I am soon to be 57 years YOUNG, I am a lecturer in Electronics & Telecommunications and have a Master’s in Education all sounds clever.I am married to Sandra for the last 26 years and have three children, Hayley my eldest, an engineer and has just restarted Ladies Circle in Ireland. Morgan my eldest son a civil servant, he is restarting Round Table in Belfast. My youngest Max is still at school and he is my pension. My interest are fairly simple, 41, Rugby Union i.e Ulster & Ireland and motorcycling as the photo shows I love nothing less than getting on the back of my mistress and being free.

The role of the NCLO is more an operational Manager, implementation of the Operational Objectives of the Association. Reporting to the Board and National Council. My main duties is to coordinate National Councillors, to provide information flow to board/National Council from National Councillors and vice versa onto our membership. The position is also the point of reference for all other Board members to liaise with, in order to provide a coordinated of all campaigns by “National”. I also have a responsibility to be the voice of opinion of the membership on the Board of 41 Clubs Nationally, this is either by representing you via your National Councillor or by you presenting direct contact to me. I personally have an open door policy so anyone can contact me at any time and I hope councillors feel that they can confide in me even if we are of a different opinion.

My objectives in my three year term is to make to role of Regional Councillor more effective to you the membership. I also wish to look again at the Regional structure and the role of the National Councillor.

Phill Ellis