Immediate Past President


The role of the IPP has changed over the last couple of years and gone are the days of "having a quiet year to unwind" after you've been National President. These days the IPP has a defined role on National Council with a Committee to help him!

However the part of the role that hasn't changed is that of the "Almoner" to Council and advisor to the current National President and Vice President. Added over the last couple of years has been the role of overseeing and encouraging our voluntary Community Service Projects. Attending the Round Table National Council Meetings to act as a link with the 41 Club Board and to keep our own National Council informed of Round Table strategy.

This coming year a budget has been approved to further support our very own national community service project, the Millennium Way. This is a 100 mile path around the Midlands that can be walked as a whole or split into 44 individual shorter walks of between 4 and twenty miles. There is even a walk suitable for the disabled walkers that is usable by Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs. One thing I would like to look at introducing this year is a Millennium Walking Week, around a theme which would be changed each year, that Clubs could use to raise money for their local charities. Once established I hope the date would become an annual event for walkers using the way.

Our second national supported Community Service project is the Remembrance Garden at The National Arboretum mainly looked after by Lichfield 41 Club on behalf of the Association. As well as the Cenotaph Service in London each year being attended by the four Club's Family in the form of the four National Presidents we also hold a simple ceremony of Remembrance at our garden in the National Arboretum on the same day. This ceremony is presided over by the Vice-President and is attended by the IPP's of all four Clubs. It's open to all members of 41 Club, Tangent, Circle and Round Table that would like to attend and if you've not been it's well worth a visit. The Royal British Legion hold a Service of Remembrance at 11am with a Brass Band and there is much to see in other parts of the gardens. Although lower key than the service in London it's still very moving to attend and with the advantage of ample parking. Why not join us this year on Sunday November 13th and see for yourself, if you want more details email me on and I'll send you more information.

I also have a "special project" to help promote this year which comes under both Membership and Community Service. This is a project by Round Table to open a number of Round Tables around the country where there is an active 41 Club but the table closed sometime ago where research and modern demographics indicate that a Round Table could open again in this location. Round Table have asked for our help to organise a social event locally and invite eligible guys to attend so a representative from Round Table National can give a vibrant presentation of Tabling in the 21st Century, which will hopefully rekindle interest in Table again in that area. Regardless of what happens in the longer term raising the profile of ourselves and Round Table in the local community is a benefit in itself and it might also find a number of past Tablers that have not joined 41 Club.

On another tack if any Club currently does any form of Community Service work, or fund raising, I would like to hear from you on the same email address as above. I would like to document the work we do as an Association in the Community as I believe it's a lot more than we sometimes take credit for.

If you have any questions on any of the things I've mentioned above or would like me to visit a Community Service Project you're engaged in please email me details on, thank you.

Yours in Continued Friendship,

Terry Cooper
Immediate Past National President 2016-2017.