Final Night Party


Club news: Riff Raff

Look out for Riff Raff and Emeritus We excel at fancy dress - so the challenge is on !Blow up dolls - I saw one of them doing something rather naughty for Dave Campbell...

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Chairman Handover


Club news: Beverley & District

The AGM of Beverley 41 Club took place on Wednesday April 1st at the Beverley Arms Hotel. Chris Green handed over the Chairman's Juwels to Chris Burrows, who immediately announced his reign to begin. Chris gave a brief outlook for the coming year with lots of great events and meetings to come....

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Table-41 Club Creese Mellors Trophy


Club news: Leicester de Montfort

Well it was a good evening at the rather Gothic hostelry The Heathcote Arms, in Croft.Good turnout by both Table and RT41 with at its peak around 25 attendees.After some shilly shallying around Chairman Tom's interpretation of how skittles might be played, select modules (tewams) of 4 were thrown into hand-to-hand combat.The net result was a win for Table68 points to table : 55 to 41 club....

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Table Area 14 80th Anniversary Dinner


Club news: Leicester de Montfort

Looks like this was a big success for Table.Various pictures of sweetly drunk Tablers and 41ers beaming at each other have appeared on social media.I guess it helps that England won the game against France 55 to 35......

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Region 22 Quiz


Club news: Plymouth

Report courtesy of hosts Plymouth 41 Club ...A great night of fellowship was enjoyed by all who attended the OPM Club in Plymouth for the 41 Club Regional Quiz.The quiz was a tight contest with “Saltash No Show” leading the two Torquay sides and Plymouth 41 team by only a very small margin. There was drama at the end of the last round however when the adjudicators were informed that “Saltash No Show” were in fac...

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Ladies' Night at The Cricketer's - 22/3/2015


Club news: Petersfield

Here's a big Thanks! to the organisers of the splendid Ladies Night Dinner. Excellent (and convenient) venue, great food, company, speeches and music, particularly from the Issitly Brothers.It was also reassuring to see that Tabl...

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New Rainford Website


Club news: Rainford & District

Welcome to Rainford and District 41 Club's new website.Updates to the new club website have been completed and any comments and suggestions for additional content are welcomed and should be sent to the Webmaster Richard Forrest using the Contact Rainford 41 Club tab on the Homepage....

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Classic Car Museum in Churt - 16/4/2015


Club news: Petersfield

Great visit to an extraordinary private collection.  Sincere thanks to Robert and Tanya Lewis for their hospitality.Currently the owner has 50 cars and is in the process of expanding to 100 by adding Alfas and Maseratis etc., once he has built an additional building, which will be 10,000 sq...

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