Next Meeting - Christmas Dinner

41 Club Father Christmas

41 Club are celebrating Christmas, this year, at The Arrow Mill on 12th December.  More details soon

Hustler Parry and The Pool Competition

Modesty doesn't permit me to recount the identity of the eventual winner of the 41 Club Pool Killer competition this year.  Suffice it to say that the result was a repeat of the previous year when Juan Adie and myself fought it out over the green baize to decide the victor.

This year's event saw us at The Cross Keys in Alcester - Facebook where we had a great evening: enjoying a brilliant meal, courtesy of Mandy and her team.

Three teams fought it out to take part in a final to decide the winner and it was pretty nip and tuck fuelled as we were by the excellent food and drink enjoyed.  However there had to be a winner in the end.....

We Go Motor Racing!!!

Prescott Hill Climb

A number of the guys attended what is becoming quite a regular event for us. And with good reason because Prescott Hill Climb never fails to give us a great day out watching the racing and pretending we know all about vintage cars.

In addition, one of our members, who really does know about vintage cars, operates a charity, Miles for Smiles which works among terminally ill children offering them a drive in the hot car of their choice.  He was working at Prescott while we were there helping some wonderfully brave young people.

More photos can be found on our Alcester 41 Club Facebook Page

Mike's Grape Harvest

Mike's Grape Harvest

A number of 41ers and Tangent ladies joined a party of grape harvesters at Mike Jones' vineyard today.  We braved the rain and, secateurs in hand, we set to clipping and cutting until we had completed our task for the morning.  When done, we repaired to the barn where Alison and helpers had organised an excellent harvesters lunch including the opportunity to test the product.  Well done everyone concerned.  More photos at our Alcester 41 Club Facebook page.

Alcester 41 Club News

Image result for armistice poppy pictures

Once again, Alcester 41 Club were pleased that we, as usual, be took part in Alcester's remembrance of those who fell in the service of our country. Led by Chairman Howard, we joined the parade on Sunday 10th November and afterwards, the service at St Nicholas' Church.