RTBI National Sporting Weekend 2018

6th Sep 2018

About NSW 2018

You really need to ask? …the clue is in the name, it could have been called the National Sporting, Drinking, Eating, Laughing, Meeting Weekend – but that was too big to fit on the website.

National Sporting Weekend is all about pitching Area against Area through various sporting challenges to see who deserves the accolades of their fellow Tabler, and to lift up on high, the Victor Ludorum Cup. 

A huge part of NSW though is the fellowship it brings so to aid with the merriment, the theme is Peaky Blinders so we have arranged a weekend full of shooting, cars, alcohol and horseracing for your entertainment.
If you don’t know what the Peaky Blinder look is then perhaps you should do some research.

Where? Wolverhampton

When? 6th - 9th September

For full details CLICK HERE